Artist’s Loft Dot Journal Review

Artist's Loft Dot Journal Cover

Artist's Loft is a budget friendly art supply brand available at the Michael's Arts & Crafts stores and online. They make a little bit of everything including brushes, easels, watercolor sketchbooks, and (as I recently discovered) dot grid A5(ish) journals. Although I wasn't shopping for one at the time, on my last trip through I … Continue reading Artist’s Loft Dot Journal Review


TWSBI Vac Mini Review

TWSBI Vac Mini Open

When shopping for a new "next level" pen, there are a lot of factors to consider. Value for the price, style, brand reputation, and functionality are all important contributors to the buying process. When I decided to pick up a new pen above my typical price range, I knew it had to be something different. … Continue reading TWSBI Vac Mini Review

Baron Fig Squire Review – Insightful Spectre

Baron Fig Squire - Logo Cover

BOO! Alright, now that you're sufficiently spooked, let's talk pens. Baron Fig's latest limited edition Squire pen launched in October. Much like its namesake, the Insightful Spectre vanished as quickly as it appeared. Although we'll have to wait for the next limited edition, the classic Squire pen is now available in four colors that make the … Continue reading Baron Fig Squire Review – Insightful Spectre