Baron Fig Squire Click Review

Baron Fig Squire Click Cover

When Baron Fig announced that they were about to launch a clickable Squire, I jumped at the chance for a review. The original Squire is a fantastic pen, but the twist mechanism will always be second place to a good clicker in my book. I've spent several days using the pen by now, so let's … Continue reading Baron Fig Squire Click Review


Muji Stationery Review

Muji Stationery Haul

Recently a friend sent me a pen with a brief note indicating that this is, by a fairly wide margin, her absolute favorite pen and that I should review it. I agreed to take a look at it, thinking I would see another suitably functional but unremarkable rollerball or gel pen. What I received was … Continue reading Muji Stationery Review

Conklin Duragraph Review – Merlot Edition

Conklin Duragraph Nib Cover

Conklin Pen is an American pen brand with a ling history for quality and heritage. The brand's creator Roy Conklin is credited with creating the first "self-filling" fountain pen, the crescent filler, back in 1897. The company gained notoriety when Mark Twain became their spokes-person in 1903, and the brand has been producing interesting and … Continue reading Conklin Duragraph Review – Merlot Edition