Sharpie Roller and S-Gel Pen Review

Sharpie Pen Lineup

I'm always excited to see new innovations from pen companies; new designs, new ink formulation, new colors. Anything that'll stand out from your run of the mill pen offerings. When I heard that Sharpie was developing their own gel and rollerball pens, I was excited to see what the pinnacle of permanent markers could do. … Continue reading Sharpie Roller and S-Gel Pen Review

BaronFig Work/Play III

BaronFig Work/Play III Cover

"Here we go again, again." - Tugg Speedman, "Scorcher VI" (Tropic Thunder) They say that the third time is the charm, and that must be true because I've finally got my hands on the innovative dual-format notebook from BaronFig; the Work/Play III. Today we'll take a closer look at this new Confidant edition, but first … Continue reading BaronFig Work/Play III