Baron Fig Mastermind Desk Pad Mini Review

Baron Fig mastermind Mini Cover

Baron Fig recently added to their Mastermind product collection with the Mastermind Mini. It's the same basic idea as the Mastermind Desk Pad, but scaled down to a smaller footprint. As I mentioned in my review of the original, I'm a fan of the desk pad for its open format and usability for creative work … Continue reading Baron Fig Mastermind Desk Pad Mini Review


A Quick Announcement

Current Events On Monday, March 26th, I became an employee of Pentel of America. This comes after a long and exhausting job hunt that I have been on for some time now. And, while the commute is less than ideal, I am looking forward to the future with optimism and excitement. Plus, there are multiple … Continue reading A Quick Announcement

Conklin Duragraph Review – Merlot Edition

Conklin Duragraph Nib Cover

Conklin Pen is an American pen brand with a ling history for quality and heritage. The brand's creator Roy Conklin is credited with creating the first "self-filling" fountain pen, the crescent filler, back in 1897. The company gained notoriety when Mark Twain became their spokes-person in 1903, and the brand has been producing interesting and … Continue reading Conklin Duragraph Review – Merlot Edition