The International Penman – Travel Tools

They say that life finds a way, and the "way" life is finding is a way to screw with my schedule. Family, work, and introspection have take over all of my free time lately, so I during a long-scheduled week vacation, I disconnected from just about everything online. But, being the good pen addict I … Continue reading The International Penman – Travel Tools


Platinum PTL-5000A Fountain Pen Review

Platinum PTL-5000A Cover

A few days ago, just before launching their newly renovated website, Goulet Pens added the PTL-5000A; a Platinum fountain pen with a 14k nib that retails for less than half the price other gold nib pens. I was hesitant at first, since the style was not what I usually go for with fountain pens, but … Continue reading Platinum PTL-5000A Fountain Pen Review