Spoke Pen Review

Spoke Pen Open

The Spoke Pen by Brian Conti in collaboration with Brad Dowdy launched on Kickstarter in early 2019. The campaign was fully-funded almost immediately and, thanks to nearly 1000 backers, pledges reached over FOUR TIMES the original goal. When a pen and pencil maker teams up with someone called “The Pen Addict,” you can be pretty … Continue reading Spoke Pen Review

TRU RED Stationery Review

Staples TRU RED Pen & Book

It has certainly been a while since I reviewed a standard over-the-counter gel pen. Yes, the addictive nature of pen collecting has taken me down the rabbit hole, and my attention has been captivated by a multitude of nibs and inks. With such a broad range of tools at my disposal, it must take something … Continue reading TRU RED Stationery Review