Baron Fig School Set Review

Baron Fig School Set Cover

The humble composition book. Available at stores far and wide for little more than the change in your pocket. We've all used them at one time or another for school notes or journaling, or as the gateway to the notebook addiction we still live with today. Through thick and thin, the Composition Notebook has been … Continue reading Baron Fig School Set Review


The Baron Fig Archer Prismatic Edition

Archer Prismatic by Baron Fig 4

Baron Fig, the creators of the Confidant notebook, Squire pen, and Archer pencils, have just released their latest quarterly limited edition: Prismatic. But first things first; What is the Archer?   Just like the rest of the Baron Fig catalog, the Archer is a pencil designed by and for thinkers. The pencils feature the standard … Continue reading The Baron Fig Archer Prismatic Edition

Alvin + ArtSnacks Drafting Pencil

A few months ago I was inspired by the endorsements of the Pen Addict and Art Supply Posse podcasts to sign up for an Art Snacks subscription. The initial box was a birthday gift for my creative girlfriend but we decided to keep the subscription for a while and share the contents. I used to subscribe … Continue reading Alvin + ArtSnacks Drafting Pencil