Planners! Baron Fig and Hobonichi Techo

In a world of phone alerts and online calendar notifications, it's easy for plans to get lost in the grind. I've tried the Bullet Journal system in the past, but I could never devote enough time to make it look fancy, so it always ended up as little more than a to-do list in my … Continue reading Planners! Baron Fig and Hobonichi Techo


Artist’s Loft Dot Journal Review

Artist's Loft Dot Journal Cover

Artist's Loft is a budget friendly art supply brand available at the Michael's Arts & Crafts stores and online. They make a little bit of everything including brushes, easels, watercolor sketchbooks, and (as I recently discovered) dot grid A5(ish) journals. Although I wasn't shopping for one at the time, on my last trip through I … Continue reading Artist’s Loft Dot Journal Review

Baron Fig Lock & Key – Part 2

Baron Fig Squire The Key alternate 1

The Key Baron Fig's first limited edition release of 2018 blew me away. The Lock Confidant is a beautifully designed notebook with a subtle but complex design both externally and internally. The book checks all the boxes for the quality and utility of the standard Confidant, and it does so in style. Every Lock needs … Continue reading Baron Fig Lock & Key – Part 2


Baron Fig Lock & Key – Part 1

Baron Fig Lock & Key Cover close up

The Lock In what is probably one of the most well-timed releases to pique my curiosity, Baron Fig is starting the year off strong with one of their most unique limited editions yet! The Lock & Key is a matching Confidant and Squire set that is a beautiful step forward in the design of their … Continue reading Baron Fig Lock & Key – Part 1


Baron Fig Pen Stand Review

Baron Fig Squire Pen Stand Close Up

The latest release from Baron Fig solves one of the only concerns I had with the Squire pen. But is your pen rolling away enough on an issue to go in on a $24 minimalist pen stand? Let's take a look and find out. That's right. Baron Fig has released a pen stand for the … Continue reading Baron Fig Pen Stand Review


My Favorite Things From 2017

2017 turned out to be a pretty challenging year, full of new experiences and old comforts. Here we are, a few days into 2018, and I find myself with an abundance of free time on my hands. Nodes is a good time to take a brief look back at some of my favorite things from … Continue reading My Favorite Things From 2017


Baron Fig Strategist Note Cards Review

Baron Fig Strategist Note Cards - Writing Sample

Baron Fig just launched a paper product that is completely new to their lineup. The Strategist; a set of 100 Dot Grid note cards which aim to be the key to your productivity, one task at a time. While the cards are advertised as an excellent tool to "plan your next book, study for a … Continue reading Baron Fig Strategist Note Cards Review


Baron Fig Guardian Vanguard Review

Baron Fig Guardian Vanguard Back Cover

Baron Fig's Guardian notebook cover recently received a makeover in the form of some new colors. They've also launched a Guardian for their pocket size Vanguard notebooks, which is a welcome addition to their product line. Baron Fig was kind enough to send me a unit for review, so lets take a look at the … Continue reading Baron Fig Guardian Vanguard Review


Baron Fig Squire Review – Insightful Spectre

Baron Fig Squire - Logo Cover

BOO! Alright, now that you're sufficiently spooked, let's talk pens. Baron Fig's latest limited edition Squire pen launched in October. Much like its namesake, the Insightful Spectre vanished as quickly as it appeared. Although we'll have to wait for the next limited edition, the classic Squire pen is now available in four colors that make the … Continue reading Baron Fig Squire Review – Insightful Spectre


Baron Fig Mastermind Series Review

Baron Fig Mastermind Week Pad

Baron Fig gave me the opportunity to take a look at their Mastermind series; the Desk Pad and Week Pad. These are some of the latest additions to their catalog of tools for thinkers, and they are designed to catch and organize those ideas you have while posted at your desk. Do these pads, either … Continue reading Baron Fig Mastermind Series Review