Baron Fig Squire Review – Insightful Spectre

Baron Fig Squire - Logo Cover

BOO! Alright, now that you're sufficiently spooked, let's talk pens. Baron Fig's latest limited edition Squire pen launched in October. Much like its namesake, the Insightful Spectre vanished as quickly as it appeared. Although we'll have to wait for the next limited edition, the classic Squire pen is now available in four colors that make the … Continue reading Baron Fig Squire Review – Insightful Spectre


Moleskine Click Ball Pen Review

Moleskine Click Ball Pen Cover

Recently, while cleansing myself of a long work week by cruising the pen and stationery section of my local Staples, I spotted a stack of Moleskine “Click Ball” Pens on the clearance rack. Well, if there are two things for which I am a sucker, its pens and clearance racks. Moleskine has a bit of … Continue reading Moleskine Click Ball Pen Review

Retro 1951: My First Grown-Up Pen

"Life is too short to carry an ugly pen." - Retro 1951 That's the line that sold me on the Retro 1951 Tornado a few years ago. A classic looking simple pen that, at the time, was the most expensive pen I had ever considered buying at a daunting twenty dollars. I used it for a while, … Continue reading Retro 1951: My First Grown-Up Pen